Live Lean Beef

Cows were designed to eat grass! Live Lean grass-fed beef is a healthy way to eat beef maintaining a healthy digestive system.


Animals raised on free range pastures without pesticides or herbicides at Artisan Farms in Ontario, Canada operated by farmer Greg Nolan. Grass-fed beef is naturally high in Omega-3, B-Vitamins, Vitamin E and low in total fat. May help to lower heart disease and cancer and maintain strong bones and healthy muscles due to high potassium and calcium.


Live fit, live lean everyday! Always raised without antibiotics (RWA), added hormones, and steroids. Animal Welfare guaranteed.



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    Regenerative Farming

    artisan farms

    Farmer-led sustainability solutions is one of Artisan Farms core ideologies. We are equipped with technology and forward-thinking tools to validate regenerative agriculture practices and quantify climate impacts, helping partners effectively work towards greenhouse gas emission (GHG) goals by 2030.


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