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12 reasons to buy Artisan Farms beef ...

Artisan Farms Beef takes pride in supplying only the best Ontario beef. Our family farm raised cattle are selected from the finest family farms that are well-maintained with luscious grassland pastures and then harvested and processed with strict quality food safety control procedures, yet using centuries old artisan hand traditional butchery to produce the final product – Artisan Farms Ontario.

  1. Guaranteed Tender – Tender & Tasty
    Artisan Farms Beef is guaranteed as tender, succulent and Flavoursome beef.  Read more about our Ultra Tender artisan method ... read more

  2. Consistent Product Integrity & Quality
    Artisan Farms beef is produced with care and attention following a detailed and specific regime for over 20
    years that assures consistent, high quality, tender eating beef. Read more about our Artisan Methods ... read more

  3. Traditional Methods, yet Modern
    Artisan Farms Nature beef is produced using a combination of traditional chilling methods yet modern, scientifically proved hanging procedures. Modern cleanliness and Food Safety standards are implemented, yet Carcasses are graded and selected manually for suitability. The best of both worlds! Read more about our Ultra Tender artisan method ... read more

  4. Farm Direct to your Table  
    All Artisan Farms Nature beef is delivered fully matured and properly trimmed. No maturation is required as all
    Artisan Farms Nature Beef is matured at source. Just unpack and serve! Read more about our Farm Assurance artisan method ... read more

  5. Unique Animal Care & Welfare System
    Artisan Farms Nature beef is produced using a unique system of natural stimulation at harvest and hip suspension whilst undergoing a sympathetic chilling and maturation process. Read more about our Product Integrity artisan method ... read more 

  6. Farm Direct Traceability
    Artisan Farms Nature cattle are fully traceable from approved farms to the primal at the butcher’s counter. From pasture to plate, from farm to fork!  Read more about our family farm direct beef ... read more 

  7. Selected Breeds
    Artisan Farms Nature cattle are selected from the finest beef breeds, backed by the very best genetics and Ontario registered cattle producers with no dairy breed influence. Read more about our genetic inputs for superior On Farm production methods ... read more 

  8. Farm Assurance
    Artisan Farms Nature cattle are procured from selected farms which have been approved by the Artisan Beef Quality Assurance Scheme (ABQAS). Each farm being
    audited by independent inspectors with each farmer adhering to a strict, supervised code of practice. Read more about our farm direct artisan method ... read more 

  9. Cattle Diet
    Artisan Farms Nature cattle are reared on a grass based diet, kept at pasture for most of the year and over winter, are finished on a grass silage base whilst indoors. Read more about our Ultra Tender artisan method ... read more

  10. Produced by Ontario family farms    
    Artisan Farms Nature Beef is a registered brand produced by Artisan Farms Direct and our network of Ontario, Canadian family farms ...  a division of Artisan Foods, one of Ontario’s local beef processors and farm direct aggregators. Read more about our farm direct beef ... read more

  11. Age old methods to Mature the beef in our modern Maturation Coolers
    Our Artisan Farms maturation process for increased tenderness, is Matured for increased flavour and is the foundation of our Premium Artisan Grassland Beef.  Read more about our Farm Sustainability methods ... read more

  12. Traditional Cuts of Beef at volume, yet we use modern grinding methods for Trim
    LOIN - Topside Rump Sirloin, NY Striploin & Specially Selected Tenderloin Beef are feature products ;  or we can deliver these fine cuts of Artisan Farms Nature Beef  LONG LOIN on the Rails, Shortloin on the RAIL or packaged using our traditional artisan methods. Read more .... read more

    RAIL BEEF - is our principle product line;  
    1. Swinging AGED Rail RIB – brisket on or off, Long bone or short - we custom prepare to your standards.
    2. Bone In Capless RIB – cut to your specs and vac packaged.
    3. Boneless Capless RIBEYE – again, deboned and trimmed to your specs.
    4. Portioned – Rib Steak BI or Ribeye Bnls , cut to 8 oz or higher ... 
12 ways that is better to buy beef Farm Direct into GTA & Ontario Urban distribution value chain from Artisan Farms !!!!     

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