Ontario Farms Ontario Heritage Wagyu Grading System

Artisan Farms Definition – Heritage Wagyu 

We at Artisan Farms adhere to the USDA standards of Wagyu Grading from the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA). 
Our Ontario Wagyu are subjected the very stringent standards that define Wagyu that tie back to the Japanese and American Wagyu Association’s (AWA) registration process. The Canadian breed registry is newly developing and is operated in conjunction with the AWA, with all full blooded and register able Wagyu cattle registered in the AWA.

The AWA defines “Wagyu” as being 15/16 purebred or higher, or of 100% Fullblood Japanese genetics of the Heritage breed of cattle from Japan, called Wagyu.  Wagyu is the breed used in the Kobe province of Japan to produce Kobe Beef. We refer to our 100% Wagyu Ontario Beef as Ontario Kobe Style Beef, both terms can be used correctly, To be eligible to be called Wagyu, a registered Percentage sire must be mated to a registered Percentage dam.  A Fullblood Wagyu is 100 percent Wagyu – a Fullblooded, or 100% Wagyu, that has to have its DNA recorded & traceable back to its original Japanese ancestry to be eligible for registration. Percentage (%) Wagyu is defined & recorded as any animal that is less than 15/16 (93.75%) ; and the levels of percentage are outlined as – an F1 indicates 50 percent (1/2) Wagyu, an F2 indicates a 75 percent (3/4) Wagyu, an F3 equal 87.5 percent (7/8) Wagyu, and then F4 is simply called a Purebred Wagyu, being 7/8 (93.75%) and higher. Fullblooded Wagyu have only 100% Wagyu in it’s ancestry. 

Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA)

The JMGA stricly judges the quality of Japanese beef.  Its grade serves as the basis for price.  All Japanese Kobe Beef from Wagyu cattle are graded to exceed Canadian & USDA Prime, because if any meat does not grade high that high, it is not labeled Kobe.  Most Ontario, Canadian & American Wagyu meat exceed Prime quality grade or marbling.  

When Wagyu is properly raised, its marbling is desirable for more than just taste.  Its fats are high in antioxidants, omeaga-3 and omega-6.  Numerous scientific reports highlight the benefits of Wagyu fats.The higher the number in the Quality Grade chart below, the higher percentage of quality grade, or marbling, of the meat.  Below is a copy of the Japanese Meat Grading Association Kobe Wagyu Beef Marbling Standard (BMS).

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