Ontario 100% Wagyu RWA Kobe Style Beef

Ontario 100% Wagyu RWA Kobe Style Beef -  Artisan Farms RWA Ontario Kobe Beef

Ontario 100% Wagyu Kobe Style Beef -  Artisan Farms RWA Ontario Kobe Beef - 100% Wagyu breed influenced farm raised cattle with zero hormones added or any added antibiotics !!!

AF Ontario RWA 100% Wagyu Kobe Style Beef – an Artisan Farms exclusive Reserve product that Ontario producers raise for Ontario customers and sell Farm Direct to Artisan Farms on a somewhat limited basis from a network of family farms working out of mid western Ontario with 100% Wagyu cattle ...    
Please contact Artisan Farms for Ontario 100% Wagygu Kobe Style Beef product availability in this category of beef.   It's very exclusive !!

Clearview Farms Ontario Hormone Beef Wagyu Beef – Artisan Farms can deliver Ontario Kobe Style hormone free beef on a limited basis from a highly recognized farm in mid south western Ontario ... Clearview Farms !    We have worked with the Clearview Farms group on their sustainable and ultimate environmental care of production methods with the Clearview Farms superior Ontario beef program and now Artisan Farms can offer our customers Clearview Farms beef products... Artisan Farms can supply your GTA retail & food service needs with CF beef and all meats on this AF Product page in ONE shipment - so Please contact us for product availability in this category of CF Ontario Waygu Beef.

Artisan Farms Direct is very excited with the opportunity to work together with our Ontario processor partners and Ontario Family Farms with their combined production methods leads to the highest quality product that will be made available to the finest high end butcher shops and high end restaurants in the GTA, whose clientele know and are willing to pay for the very best piece of Ontario beef that they might ever eat.

Artisan Farms Ontario RWA 100% Waygu Kobe Style Beef producers are a group local Ontario Wagyu Beef producers, that use the very best genetics to get top genetics for an awesome eating experience for the customer.  These cattle are all natural, handled humanely, drug free and stress free.  We can arrange farm tours to visit the cattle and view the on farm production practises.

Pictured below from one of our very top producers, Tim Prior of Grazing Meadows Wagyu in Huron County, sent us these four (4) particular steers that have been on a grass based feed for a little more than a year now, using the very well known “Japanese Wagyu Production Master Methods” from Mr. Takeda of Japan to make these cattle truly Kobe Style. Mr Takeda recommends this special Japanese Vegetarian Diet along with free choice hay, fresh water and natural minerals as supplements. 

These Ontario 100% Waygu cattle while as calves spent their time with their mothers grazing the natural grass pastures openly on the long stemmed lush pastures of Huron County, Ontario.  You will see some pictures below …  All these cattle are fully traceable, production audited and birth certificate age verified.

Their weights as of October 1, 2014 were:

1Z - 1460lb.,  born May 26, 2012
29Z -1355lb.,  born July 8, 2012
7Z – 1465lb.,  born May 30, 2012
38Z – 1195lb.,  born July 3, 2012

They are in fantastic shape and are ready for market. The photos show four (4) steers are all100%  fullblood Wagyu cattle with their herd group of cattle …  Also in these pictures are some of Tim’s Ontario Waygu cows with their calves grazing on his lush green pastures.

Please contact Artisan Farms Direct for Ontario 100% Waygu RWA Kobe Style Beef product availability in this category of beef.   It's very exclusive !!

Ontario 100% Wagyu RWA Kobe Style Beef -  Artisan Farms RWA Ontario Kobe Beef Definitions and Glossary --  read more

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