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Lighting and Ventilation in Veal Production Yards with outdoor access at ALL times

Modern veal barns have artificial lighting overhead or receive natural sunlight through windows, all these farms allow full time FREE RANGE open areas for the calves to walk freely around. Farmers house their calves in adequately lit barns & outdoor fields to make it possible to monitor the calves regularly, view the health status of them all, ensure bedding and feed is FRESH & CLEAN with a clean home environment. Veal barns & outdoor fields are typically insulated and heated during the winter and have year round ventilation to provide clean, fresh air.

Calf Health and Nutrition

Veal farmers carefully watch each calf to ensure that they walk outside, that they are never suffering in any manner or have a loss of appetite. In the case of milk-fed calves, carefully controlled amounts of iron are given to meet their nutritional requirements but Never too much so that the meat would turn a very dark red. All veal calves are fed a well balanced diet with added energy, vitamins and minerals, including iron.

Calf Housing & Free Range Fields

Calves can sleep in well bedded stalls, hutches or pens; while having full access to an outdoor yard at all times. The fields and indoor housing are all of adequate size to allow the calf to lie down, stand up, stretch out, groom themselves, as well as providing social interaction for the calf with outdoor play. All our Veal is produced from both grain-fed and milk-fed calves that are housed in group pens & outdoor fields.

What is a Typical Veal Farm?

Typical veal farms in Canada are family owned & operated. The farmers earn their living by raising calves in a healthy environment. They must also be kept up to date on modern technology and production practices in order to maintain and improve husbandry practices, animal health programs and management systems. The average farm size in Ontario would produce approximately 150-200 veal calves per year.

Food Safety
Antibiotics are not to be used in veal feeds and antibiotics would only be used if prescribed by a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine for the treatment of an illness – at which these animals are red tagged and moved to another program – not qualifying for the Artisan Farms Free Range Program.

Please call our office and talk to our Animal Husbandry Specialist on our Veal Standards ….  Certified Ontario Free Range Veal from Artisan Farms. 

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