Top Meadow Farms
(TMF)understands the importance of food in the nourishment of body and soul. Top Meadow Farms is committed to produce the tastiest, finest quality, and nutritious beef in an ethical and honest manner. We take care to ensure humane treatment of animals and adherence to ecological friendly methods of raising cattle. It is these practices and environmental standards that earn Top Meadow Farms the nickname: "The Cow Spa".

What affects the taste, texture and nutritional value of beef? Genetics plays a large part in affecting the consistency of protein texture, of the amount of fat and its distribution and tenderness. It is this reasoning that is behind Top Meadow Farms combining the fine texture and muscle characteristics of Limousin cattle with the heavier marbling of British breeds, especially Angus. The result is a beef that is tender, juicy and so finely textured that it is melt-in-your-mouth tasty.

Top Meadow Farms strictly forbids the use of any antibiotics or growth hormones in the Certified Artisan Beef program. As a result, the growth and health of our cattle depends heavily on the genetics of the cattle, the quality of the feed and their environment. Most of our cattle have award-winning pedigrees in their genetics. Their feed and supplements are specially formulated by a leading animal nutritionist and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a federal governing body. The cattle graze on rolling hills with ample space and bedding.

If an animal falls ill, it is treated by our vet and is then tagged and taken out of the Certified Artisan Beef program (CABP). Even if a animal is perfectly healthy, if it does not conform to the size and shape of CABP, it is also tagged and removed from the program. It is this commitment to the highest standards that ensures the consistency in the quality, flavour, size and basically the whole taste experience of Certified Artisan Beef.

The emergence of many organic or "natural" farms can be confusing. How does one know if they are truly organic or "natural"? There are a few things to look for: Are their claims certified by a qualified and government-approved agency? Are they subject to regular audits by a government-approved third party auditor? Does the product look, or more importantly taste different than conventional beef? If the product does not offer a different flavour profile than its conventional counterpart, its authenticity should be questioned. Currently the Top Meadow Farms Certified Artisan Beef program, which was one of the first "method of production claim" programs developed by a Canadian producer, meets the labelling requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Label Registration Unit, for its claim that CAB product is "raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, animal proteins or bone meal." The entire process, from cattle producers, feed suppliers, trucking company, pack plant, retail stores, etc. are subject to regular audits.
Top Meadow Farms is committed and passionate about what it does. You be the judge of our authenticity. Taste and experience the difference in TMF Certified Artisan Beef.

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