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Our Family    Our Partners

A Community of Ontario & Canadian family farms.

   Community of Traditionally Raised Canadian Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork & Poultry from
Canadian & Ontario farmers who care and are dedicated to
Traditional Methods and Animal Welfare.

Artisan Farms is a Local Meat source for an retail & wholesale Customer base –
in GTA, Golden Horseshoe, the surrounding lakeshore country, the Ottawa Valley area & the beautiful northern communities – all whom want to connect with a community of Rural Canadian & Ontario producers !! 

Our role is simple – “Connecting our Canadian & Ontario family farms to the Marketplace with logistics, relationships, and processing via family owned & operated Wholesale & Retail outlets all over Ontario.”

Today’s consumers want to know where their Beef & Meat comes from –
Certified Fully Traceable to Traditional Farms in Ontario & Canada. 

Farm Knowledge -- We are farmers ourselves, so please call the Artisan office if you have questions on any farm related topic – there are no bad questions and we will gladly help if we can.

Company Responsibility – we believe and are committed to feeding Ontario in a responsible way; reducing environmental impact; and improving the communities where we live, work & our community of partners call home. 

Wholesale Distribution partners – most are family owned as well, hard working & these customers assist us & our farm partners, whom seek Ontario meats with fewer steps from the farm ….  These partners portion cut & distribute to restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, institutions and organizations that source other food items whom need extra support from a Distributor.

Retail Partners --   an important customer group whom are supermarkets, butcher shops and speciality food stores.  We work closely with these partners with retail speciality support & connections direct back to the farm.

Traditional Rural Idealisms  -   Humane Care -- – Traditionally Raised SUSTAINABLY and HUMANELY for the benefit of all Families & Partners whom purchase our Meats.

Raised with nature's traditional ingredients: sunshine, fresh air, grasses, corn and hay, then these hard working Families add a COMPASSIONATE, STRESS-FREE ENVIRONMENT to ensure that we are all bringing the highest quality Farm Direct Products to your Family’s Table.

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