Family Farms

Our Producer Members are Ontario family farms, who are dedicated BEEF PRODUCERS using the most proven traditional RWA methods possible that ensure tender, tasty, delicious beef, and guaranteed safe for consumers health !!!!

Artisan Farm family farms farm all across the province of Ontario:  Click here to view our Production Zone, where we have marked many of our producers.

Our families produce the same food for their own families that we bring to market for your families. So, from our family farms to your family's dinner table, we are proud member farm families within this United family of Ontario beef producers.
Family Farm producers include the:

"Connecting our customers Farm Direct for product integrity and freshness."

Local Beef Raised the Traditional way right here in Ontario ...

Canadian Beef: Family values, tradition and doing the right thing – just a day in the life with your local farming families of the Artisan Farms network of traditionally raised cattle. Farming sustainability, core family values and humane care methods going into the production the Premium quality beef as the three core values of our Ontario family farm network that customers are pleased to support and be part of … so Artisan Farms representing the beef and meat products from these Canadian farm families for their “Traditional Raised in Ontario” program who embodied those three qualities, we are so pleased to part of this value chain.

The “Traditional Raised in Ontario” program from Artisan Farms bring farm producers connecting to Ontario consumers that bring quality, locally produced food from over 200 farms across Ontario. 

Farming Sustainably – The Traditionally Raised in Ontario families and their cattle grazing open fields and the rolling pastures raised throughout Ontario and across Canada. They share how their farm family values sustainability by actively managing their cattle and minimizing their impact on the land, ensuring caring for each and every animal with Human Care …  please join us in this network and unite your family with our core values.

Benefits for Ontario's cattle production and beef industry

The success of Canada's beef industry depends on consumer confidence worldwide. VBP helps the industry achieve that in several ways:

  • Defining standards for the safety, quality and consistency of Canadian beef and beef products.
  • Building potential to increase market share, domestically and internationally.
  • Helping to minimize costly product recalls.
  • VBP complements food safety programs beyond the farm gate.
  • Providing a tool to develop market alliances, which may improve economic returns, within the agriculture and processing sectors.
  • Enhancing quality improvement and crisis management abilities.
  • A solid base to add modules such as biosecurity and others the industry deems important.
Clear here for the Beef Farmers of Ontario web page on Verified Beef Production on farm practises.

Many of our Family Farm primary production partners utilize Semex Beef as our Genetic Source & Partner, with Semex Beef based in Guelph, as the world's largest beef sales company, purchases and distributes Ontario genetics from Bar Five, Top Meadow Farms, Gilchrist Farms and many many others whose bull customers sell finished cattle into the Artisan Farms Direct Ontario Beef program. "

Local Harvest Ontario 

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