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Artisan Farms Direct is a partner in a market connectivity delivery system developed over decades of using different ways to connect farmers from the country to consumers in the city. Delivering meats farm direct from the farm to the consumers in the city with as much integrity and freshness as possible is our foundation and driving mission.  We are beef farmers at AFD & we understand the urban market.

We work with all the participants in our Ontario & GTA food industry all the way from the farm families to the family owned and operated Ontario Licensed Abattoirs, and Federal Licenced Harvesting and Processing facilities, ourselves as market integrators, and then on to fine Retail and Foodservice companies owned and operated by hard working families in and around our GTA urban centre to bring traceable meat products to Toronto GTA & surrounding area families. 

Partners in the Ontario Meat Industry –
family owned and operated.

Our goal is to work alongside with all the current hard working Ontario & Canadian & American families and participants in the meat supply chain – from small to big farmers in rural Ontario & across North America;  and small to larger Ontario processors and abattoirs; and family owned & operated foodservice distributors & portion cutters; to the family owned and operated retail butcher shops & supermarkets and restaurants – whose long hours and hard work all play an important role in bringing consumers the farm direct, cared for meat products that we are all searching for our own families and friends.

Artisan Farms Direct is just one of these family businesses working with each other to bring GTA and surrounding area families Ontario beef to Ontario families …. Canadian & USDA beef that meets our standards.  

Primary On Farm Production – our network of families farms have generations of safe, humane farm care operating methods as quite simply time has shown us that a happy and health animal is more profitable and efficient.  Artisan Farms works with On Farm Primary Producers to gain knowledge from them and share this knowledge to others as we continue to improve our on farm methods of traditionally raised methods.  Click here for the Product Integrity page.

Abattoirs and Processors – Harvesting is an unfortunate action in our supply chain activities, but one we all take very seriously and accept with the utmost respect and responsibility.  Artisan Farms has developed relationships with Ontario and Canadian abattoirs and processors whom share our outlooks and brings farm direct the safest and humanely produced product as possible. Click here for the Food Safety & Product Value page.

Portion Preparation - Meat butchery is a craft and a very important step in our process. We work with the best in the province of Ontario and GTA. Our partners are the very best and many teach and mentor at George Brown College, and share information amongst Ontario & GTA food supply.

Please contact at our Sales Contacts to discuss whom we recommend you work with, and we can set up an appointment with one of our master butcher supply partners:

Toronto --  Olliffe Wholesale & Retail, Sanagans Meat Locker & Wholesale, Royal Crown Select Meats

Toronto -- Olliffe Butcher Shop
Hamilton -- Mercury Foodservice

 -- are our main Master Butcher partners in these regions, please go to our Links page to find their contacts.

Foodservice – Family owned & operated foodservice companies exist all over the province of Ontario and in the GTA whom appreciate our model and we work closely with many to bring you not only meats from Artisan Farms but all other necessary items to operate your foodervice business.   Click here for our Foodservice page.

CSA – Community Shared Agriculture – this model of bring farm fresh foods to a GTA based CSA is an exciting opportunity for us, and we have partnered up West Side Beef Co. whom work to supply Richmond Station restaurant with farm fresh and direct beef & meats. 

Retail – Our retail partners as well have been selected and accepted based upon their beliefs and ideals in bringing consumers the best farm direct products as possible.  Please call our office for recommendations of retailers in your area that carry Artisan Farms meat products.

We at Artisan Farms Direct are from the country, six (6) generations of Canadian beef cattle farming that we have used to develop a trusting and true relationships with city distributors whom sell to consumers willing to reach out and support Ontario and Canadian farmers.  Farm markets are great but not all farmers can come to the city once a week – this is where AFD – Artisan Farm Direct plays a role. We know the farmers, and the local abattoirs and can source farm direct meat products for your needs.

We do not sell consumer direct as the Artisan Farm Direct model has been thoughtfully developed to allow a larger supply for all participants that play a vital role in food safety under government regulation to access product for their customers.
Our model is simple – try be a Conduit to connect and Include all participants in the meat industry from both rural and urban communities whom work together to produce a very complex and difficult farm product conversion to an edible safe for “all families to consume” product as farm direct and as safe as possible.

Artisan - a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand ; of food or drink made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients.

Artisan Beef Production Consulting Service

Our experience is available to your Beef Value Chain, as we have worked in many countries in the world on beef production value chain initiatives, applying our standards for both local consumers and export opportunities.  

Artisan Beef works at client location, and provides comprehensive consulting services on a project basis to meet the objectives of the Project Engagement parameters and objectives.  Artisan Beef consulting clients are committed to produce source verified, label authentic, humanely raised and sustainable production practices that result in natural tasting nutritious beef. 

Our Artisan Foods Beef consulting services have been utilized by in Ontario, Western Canada, USA, Russia and Brazil that provides recommendations via consulting deliverables to ensure artisan product, verifiable production through tracking systems, humane treatment of animals and adherence to ecological friendly methods of raising cattle and producing beef at an International Standard.

It is these practices and environmental standards that earn our family farms the recognition as the top rated farmers in Ontario, Canada and internationally...  Read more

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