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June 11, 2016 >>  The Canadian Angus Association, is hosting the Canadian Angus Foundation's Building the Legacy Sale in Quebec City !! Please click here for the catalogue link 

Please click here for the Artisan Farms Donation Lot .

Update: CAA Foundation Sale was a huge success.  Results posted on the CAA site. 

Lot 248 from Artisan Farms sells for $2500 to Dale Easton, Eatondale Angus Farms of Wowota , Saskatchewan !!!    Thank you Dale for your support. !! 

Look forward to helping you enjoy a great night in Toronto with an Canadian Angus beef supper !!

June 9-13, 2016 >> We invite you to the 2016 CAA "The Sky's the Limit" National Convention taking place June 9-13 in Quebec City. Convention this year is hosted by Quebec Angus. On the Saturday night of Convention we are very pleased to hold the Building the Legacy 5 Fundraiser Auction Sale in support of the Canadian Angus Foundation. Please take time to look through the catalogue, either online (above) or arriving in your mailbox next week. The donations are outstanding and we could not be more thankful for the support of our generous donators and bidders over the last five years. Canadian Angus producers have truly stepped up their game to offer the most exciting bulls for your selection as well as among the most exciting breeding matches in the embryo donations. Further, the 'experience' donations of trips, art, apparel and services are a brilliant cross-section of Angus and Canadian national spirit. Finally, the four mind-bogglingly generous 'pick-of-the-herd' donations come from progressive breeders whose genetic knowledge and commitment are creating some of the most inspired cows in Canada today! The 'picks' from Leeuwenburgh Angus, Ferme Gagnon, Clevely and Canadian Director Dave Johnsons' Johnson Livestock will result in producing females "of the ages". There is no question that the donors to Building the Legacy 5 have thought about our 2016 Convention theme--the 'Sky's the Limit'--given what they are donating for the fortunate buyers this truly is the case!

Convention will kick off with the President's Reception in the evening on Thursday, June 9th. On Friday, June 10th, Cattlemen's Connection Day, you will hear from some great speakers and be able to tour different locations then wrap up the day with a delicious supper. Saturday, June 11th is the Canadian Angus Association Annual General Meeting and formal banquet followed by The Fifth Building the Legacy Sale - click here to view the catalogue. Click here to see the entire Convention schedule or the French version here. There are many other activities planned throughout the weekend. Please join us in Quebec City for learning, networking and laughing.

Here are the ways to register:
1. Click here to register online
2. Call Angus Central (1-888-571-3580) and register over the phone
3. Print out the registration form (French) and mail it to Angus Central
4. To book accommodations, please call Hotel Le Concorde at 1-800-463-5256 

We hope to see you in June!
Your Canadian Angus Association

January 12, 2016 >>  The Canadian Angus Association ("CAA") updates its CARE page, and Artisan Farms Direct is proud to be a multi sided member of the Canadian Angus Association, not only as a cattle breeder but as an endorsed ANGUS BEEF supplier. 

Hero Burger being awarded the CAA Angus promoter of the Year for 2015 at The Royal Winter Fair in November 2015 !!  
Congratulations to a wonderful organization and thank you for your support of the Angus breed of cattle in Canada !!   
Canadian Angus Beef !!!!    Read More for what is an ANGUS ?? 

Canadian Angus Beef Programs

What Is “Angus”?
Angus refers to a breed of beef cattle popular in Canada and around the world. There are nearly 3.8 million beef cows in Canada and two thirds of them are of the Angus breed. This type of cattle originated in the Aberdeen region of Scotland and were first brought to Canada over 100 years ago. Angus beef is well marbled, tender and full of flavour ensuring a pleasant eating experience.

How do I know if it’s Angus?
Many beef products in grocery stores and restaurants are labelled as Angus beef. There is no way to limit the use of the word Angus in Canada. However, products bearing the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Logo are guaranteed to be genuine Canadian Angus beef. This logo is the Canadian Angus Association’s stamp of approval on a quality Angus beef product.

How does the CAA guarantee the beef is from Angus cattle?
The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program guarantees that the beef used in products bearing this label come from beef cattle with 50% or more Canadian Angus genetics. All cattle in Canada are required to be tagged with a radio-frequency identification tag. The Canadian Angus Association created a tag program that is available to beef producers who use Angus genetics. Those cattle tagged with an official Angus tag qualify for Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef programs. Those tags tell everyone in the industry that the cattle are Angus.

Where can I buy Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef?

Rancher Endorsed beef is available across Canada and around the world through our partner programs.

  • Hero Certified Burgers
  • Prairie Meats
  • Lepp Farm Market
  • Angus Zone
  • One Earth Farms/Beretta Ranch
  • Artisan Beef Limited

What about other Angus beef programs that are not listed here? Are they not Angus beef?
Many beef programs use their own verification methods to determine how much Angus is in them. These programs are also genuine Angus beef but not guaranteed or endorsed by the Canadian Angus Association.

How do I get involved? I have a beef program I want to get endorsed. How do I do it?
The Canadian Angus Association is always looking to partner with beef programs from across Canada. You can begin by filling out a Beef program application (Program Application) or contact the Director of Business Development in your region for more information.

  • BC & Alberta – Brian Good, 1-403-391-4037
  • Eastern Canada – Cheryl Hazenberg, 1-403-888-3454
  • SK & Manitoba –contact Brian Good or Cheryl Hazenberg

I have Angus cattle and want to sell my calves to one of these programs, how do I do it?
First of all, use Angus RFID tags on your calves. Angus tags are CCIA approved and the only tag you will need. Order tags by contacting Byron (888-571-3580) at the CAA office or ordering online. Secondly, sell your calves through one of the over 160 Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Feeder Sales across the country each fall or sell your calves direct to program or feedlot working with these programs. Contact the Business Development Team for more information.

  • BC & Alberta – Brian Good, 403-391-4037
  • astern Canada – Cheryl Hazenberg, 403-888-3454
  • SK & Manitoba –contact Brian Good or Cheryl Hazenberg

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