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A Community of Ontario & Canadian family farms. 

  1. Hyper Local Certified Ontario Beef - small groups of cattle, traced individually so full animal traceability means the ear tag comes with the steak ... ex: Hargrave Angus Farms, South 50 Farms Grass Fed beef, Royal Winter Fair Beef, ... comes with an animal ear tag, and name of the farm.   

  2. Local Ontario Angus RWA -  Cattle from Grey County, and small groups from our Ontario RWA supply group …  truly certified RWA under federal production rules. Click here for a map.

  3. Canadian Angus RWA  -   Cattle from family farms from a Canadian RWA supply group … truly certified RWA under federal production rules. 

  4. Canadian Organic -  Certified Organic ... Artisan distributes Cdn Organic Beef & Chicken. 

  5. Grass Fed Beef Certified Ontario Beef...  our COB HYPER Local program is based upon it ...   

  6. Wagyu Beef Certified Ontario Beef ...  From our COB HYPER LOCAL program and RWA ... also large volumes of Wagyu Beef from Ontario, Canada, USA & Japan.  

  Community of Traditionally Raised Canadian Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork & Poultry from
Canadian & Ontario farmers who care and are dedicated to 
Traditional Methods and Animal Welfare.

Artisan Farms is a Local Meat source for an retail & wholesale Customer base –
in GTA, Golden Horseshoe, the surrounding lakeshore country, the Ottawa Valley area & the beautiful northern communities – all whom want to connect with a community of Rural Canadian & Ontario producers !! 

Our role is simple – “Connecting our Canadian & Ontario family farms to the Marketplace with logistics, relationships, and processing via family owned & operated Wholesale & Retail outlets all over Ontario.”

Today’s consumers want to know where their Beef & Meat comes from – 
Certified Fully Traceable to Traditional Farms in Ontario & Canada.

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